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Service Fees

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The York Regional Police Services Board has identified a need to recover the cost of services through means other than taxpayer dollars. The new fee structure covers both the direct and indirect cost of each service provided, therefore reducing the burden on taxpayers. By passing the cost of the service to the affected consumer, only the consumer requiring the service is charged, rather than taxpayers in general. 

Fees associated with York Regional Police services will be subject to change. 

The fee tables below highlight areas of service affected by the coming updates. Please review the new service offerings as well, including a new hybrid collision reconstruction report and security alarms pay-as-you-go system.

Security Alarms Model

The Security Alarms Model eliminates all registration fees previously associated with the Security Alarms program and instead charges customers based on false alarms attended by officers and false alarms cancelled by Communications.

York Regional Police aims to reduce wasted valuable police resources by encouraging security providers to conduct investigations before police attend, and encouraging homeowners to take measures to avoid false alarms altogether.


Information Management and Legal
DescriptionCurrent As of September 1, 2017HST
Motor Vehicle Collision Report$340$340HST applies
Police Criminals Records Check (PCRC)$60$65 
PCRC for Volunteers and Students$30$30 
Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVSC)$60$60 
PVSC for Volunteers and Students$30$30 
Pardon Applications$100$120 
Fingerprints - RCMP$25$40 
General Occurrence Report$60 $100HST applies
Clandestine Drug Laboratory Property Check$50 $50HST applies
Officer Notes and Statements (per occurrence)$225 $235HST applies

Forensic Identification 

DescriptionCurrent As of September 1, 2017HST
Audio or Video$80$100HST applies
Photographs on Disc$50 per 10 images$50 per  10 imagesHST applies
Hardcopy Photographs$50 per 10 images or contact sheet$50 per 10 images or contact sheetHST applies


DescriptionCurrent As of September 1, 2017HST
Full Reconstruction Report$2,500$3,000HST applies
Hybrid Collision Reconstruction Report (New)$1,200$2,000HST applies

Collision Investigation Reports

  • Scene Measurement 
  • Field Sketches and Notes 
  • Vehicle Crush Measurement 
  • Scale Diagrams 
  • Speed, Time & Distance Calculation 
  • Opinions and Conclusions 
$550 per report$550 per reportHST applies

Security Alarms and Paid Duty Officers

DescriptionCurrent As of September 1, 2017HST
Dispatched False Alarm Attended$190$200HST applies
Dispatch False Alarm Cancelled$120$130HST applies
Paid Duty Officer - Constable$67.08$67.98HST applies
Paid Duty Officer - Sergeant$76.81$79.89HST applies
Paid Duty Officer - Staff Sergeant $84.86$88.27HST applies
Paid Duty Vehicle$37.80$37.40HST applies
Paid Duty Administration Fee20%20%HST applies

*NEW - Marine Unit Tow

DescriptionAs of September 1, 2017HST
Non Resident - per occurrence$250HST applies
Resident - second occurrence$250HST applies