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Vulnerable Person Registry

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The Vulnerable Person Registry allows an improved police response to vulnerable people who may require emergency assistance due to their condition. It expedites the process of locating and assisting vulnerable residents or frequent visitors to York Region by making essential personal information readily available to responding officers. 

Who is eligible for the registry? 

A vulnerable person is someone with a cognitive, physical, intellectual or developmental disability or other condition which may place them at an increased risk of misadventure. These conditions may include:

  • A tendency to wander
  • The inability to communicate
  • Fascinations or attractions to dangerous locations (water, construction sites etc.)
  • Unusual social responses (fear of strangers, aggressive nature)

Other requirements:

In order to be eligible for the Vulnerable Person Registry, the vulnerable person must also:

  • Reside, attend school, work or otherwise regularly visit York Region
  • Provide confirmation of identity and authenticity of the personal information provided

How do I register?

Vulnerable people living in York Region are encouraged to submit their application using our online registry and email the completed Vulnerable Person Registry Application Form to

The form provides further information about the program and should be provided to anyone who may benefit from registration. 

Application Form

Download the Vulnerable Person Registry Application Form here

Frequently Asked Questions

What information is required to register?

During the registration, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Physical descriptors
  • Medical/health condition(s)
  • Contact information
  • Special needs
  • Methods of approach
  • Objects of attraction
  • An up-to-date photograph (in JPEG .jpg format)
How soon is the information available to police?
The registration process can take two to five business days to be fully processed. Applicants can request an email confirmation with a "flag number" for future reference for updates, calls for service and renewals. A "flag" is included in a YRP database and contains essential information used by emergency responders and health care providers to respond effectively.
How is this information used?

In the event a vulnerable person requires police assistance, their physical description, medical history, areas he/she frequents,  triggers and de-escalation techniques will be provided to emergency responders, will be provided to officers responding to the call.

The information contained in flag records will assist responders by:

  • Facilitating a rapid response
  • Enhancing problem identification
  • De-escalating an immediate threat
  • Identifying safety issues
  • Defining previous police contact
  • Illustrating historical medical treatment
  • Aiding co-ordination of medical and emergency response
  • Advancing medical assessment
  • Providing emergency contact numbers
Who has access to the registry?

If a vulnerable person requires assistance, York Regional Police would have access to his or her vital information.

The information may also be distributed by York Regional Police to any other accredited police or health care agency involved in providing care of an emergent nature or under circumstances which, in the best of interest of the subject, requires such communications so as to expedite assistance efforts by both policing and medical authorities.

How often do I need to update a vulnerable person's profile?

If the vulnerable person is under 16 years old, the profile will need to be renewed every year on the vulnerable person's birthdate. If he or she is older than 16, a renewal is required every two years on the vulnerable person's birthdate.  

What information needs to be updated?
Only information that has a significant impact on police response (contact information, address, drastic changes in physical appearance etc.) will need to be updated.
Will I be notified when the annual update is required?

No. Updates are the responsibility of the primary contact/caregiver. York Regional Police recommends that the application be updated in the months surrounding the vulnerable person's birthdate. 

Contact Us

Do you have questions about the Vulnerable Person Registry? Contact us:

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